Steven DeStefano, CPA
Tax Audit Partner

Steven is a partner specializing in tax and tax audits.  Steven joined the firm in 2001 as a tax associate and soon began handling the majority of the tax audits for the firm.  As the partner in charge of tax audits he has exhibited considerable skill and knowledge in dealing with the complex issues that can arise when dealing with government agencies at both the federal and state levels.  Over the years Steven has successfully represented clients involved in tax audits, Offers in Compromise, tax levies, payment arrangements and unfiled taxes.  In addition to tax audits, Steven serves the needs of hundreds of tax clients.  Steven’s goal in all client relationships is consistent with the firm’s Mission Statement.  He will always provide service in the same manner as he would expect services to be provided to him.  Steven will put the client’s needs first and do his best to accommodate their busy schedules by providing evening appointments, being accessible by phone or e-mail, and by always trying to be sensitive to their perspective.  Dealing with tax problems is a daunting experience and can be overwhelming to the average taxpayer.  Steven takes pride in setting the client’s mind at ease and he takes satisfaction in knowing that he has helped someone through a very difficult situation.  

Prior to his association with the firm, Steven’s background was in banking and in the mortgage industry.  Steven earned a Bachelor’s degree from Bryant University and has spent his entire career in finance and accounting.

Steven lives in Glocester, RI with his wife where they enjoy the outdoors, gardening, and visits from their grandchildren.  He is a sports enthusiast and enjoys do-it-yourself projects both large and small.